Keillor: If other famous poets had written the national anthem

January 25, 2006

Other people’s thinking…

Garrison Keillor in The Atlantic rewrites our national anthem


Hilarious letter to the editor of a hometown paper

January 20, 2006

Below is an actual verbatim letter to the editor, published on January 14, 2006 in the Deseret Morning News, the conservative paper in my hometown:

My name is Gay, and I am very tired of hearing my name associated with homosexuality. Those who choose same-sex attraction and behavior should be called what they really are: homosexuals.

Gay Flesher

 …Now come on! A comedy writer couldn't have come up with something funnier than that! I mean Gay Flesher ? I want to dissect it in so many ways (or respond to it) but to do so would just somehow take something from it. It works so well as is.

Response to an article against gay marriage

January 15, 2006

Below is a letter I wrote to Steve Farrell in response to his article “Gay Marriage and Fear” published online in Meridian Magazine. You can read the original article here:

Dear Mr. Farrell,

I read with considerable interest your article “Gay Marriage and Fear,” published on the Meridian Magazine website. It is my wish not to attack it or you, as I suspect some may have done in response, but rather to engage in a dialogue with you about this topic, which we appear to see quite differently. To that end, I would very much appreciate a response.

In your discussion of religion, I’m troubled by what seems to be your assumption that gay people are by definition irreligious. Read the rest of this entry »