Six Goals!!

June 16, 2006


Argentina played an extraordinary game today against Serbia-Montenegro, winning 6-0. The game included the best two goals I've seen in this year's World Cup, so far, especially this heel-back pass from Hernan Crespo to Esteben Cambiasso which you can watch here (31st minute). Pictured above is Lionel Messi, who is only 18, comes in for the last 6 minutes of play and scores a goal.

So Argentina advances to the round of 16 along with the Netherlands. Those two great teams still square off next Wednesday, though in what for me is a bit of a grudge match. The only World Cup match I've ever been to was the heartbreaker '98 quarterfinal match between Argentina and the Netherlands, in Marseille, which Argentina lost 2-1. And now that my brother and his family live in Holland, there is a lot of emotion riding on this next one.


Oscar Picks

March 5, 2006

oscar80x72.jpgThe Oscars are tonight. I’ve always been a big fan of the movies and used to try to at least see most of the films nominated for the major awards. In the past several years I have been disappointed by just not being that interested in the films. Not this year! I think this was a great year for film, I have seen most of those nominated for major awards, so I offer my picks… Read the rest of this entry »

Hilarious letter to the editor of a hometown paper

January 20, 2006

Below is an actual verbatim letter to the editor, published on January 14, 2006 in the Deseret Morning News, the conservative paper in my hometown:

My name is Gay, and I am very tired of hearing my name associated with homosexuality. Those who choose same-sex attraction and behavior should be called what they really are: homosexuals.

Gay Flesher

 …Now come on! A comedy writer couldn't have come up with something funnier than that! I mean Gay Flesher ? I want to dissect it in so many ways (or respond to it) but to do so would just somehow take something from it. It works so well as is.