I’m pretty damn opinionated, I’m surprised it took me this long to get a blog.

A lot of this is political–I do live in washington, d.c. afterall and I am a lawyer (which I guess narrows it down to gee, tens of thousands, or so it seems). But I’m less political than a lot of washingtonians, and certainly less rigidly partisan. And anyway, I try to balance out the content here with other commentary because I don’t want this to be another political blog. God knows there are enough of those. They do it much better (because they’re chained to their keyboards 24-7). I have a life afterall, and a regular job, and a lot of opinions on things other than politics which I try to express here.

This seems to be slowly morphing into a more personal blog, I hope so anyway. As I have started to share more about myself, I think soon I might change the format here and get to posting pictures and make it a more revealing window into myelf.


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