My ipod

What’s on it…

Most recent downloads…

decemberists.jpg The Decemberists … check 'em out.

cover7.jpgThe Yeah-Yeah-Yeahs

. . . . .
Recent favorites….

The Legend of Johnny Cash

Johhny Cash.jpg Contains 21 songs spanning his entire career, including all the best in my opinion, from "Get Rhythm" to "Hurt".

. . . . .

A tatse of who else is on it… A thru Z

Belle & Sebastian
Carlos Gardel
Anton Dvorak
Elliott Smith…a lot of him
The Flaming Lips
Heather Duby
Josh Joplin Group
Kentucky Headhunters
Led Zeppelin
The Magnetic Fields
New Pornographers
One Inch Pound
Patsy Cline
Quindon Tarver
The Thrills
Ugly Cassanova
The Vienna Boys Choir
The Weakerthans
Yo-Yo Ma
Zero 7

Hmmm… no X…


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